Residing in the epicenter of SD22, I am a proud and passionate single father of 2 amazing young boys. I

am raising them to become men. My priorities are to obey God, raise my children in His image,

successfully run my business to benefit others, and sustain and promote our constitutional rights, democracy and freedoms as a Statesman.

I find it remarkable that in 4 months, 508 bills were signed into law during the 2021 CO legislative session.  The 2022 session introduced 716 bills - nearly half passed to date!  For every bill passed, a freedom dies.


• Let us reverse excessive fees, taxes, and regulations that have been silently eroding our

ability to pay for living expenses.

• I encourage Colorado to voluntarily be united in community in caring for each other. Cease

legislating inefficient government policy.

• I support recruiting and retaining more law enforcement to lower crime in our

neighborhoods. Restore the respect our law enforcement community earns.

• We have the right to protect ourselves and property

• Foster greater choice for our children and purposeful funding for education. Let us see our

public schools focus on academics as THE priority.

• Promote a legislative agenda that considers the needs of the entire state. To not consider

rural Colorado in our law making is selfish and reckless

• Restore parental rights back to the family and cease the judicial overreach invading the

privacy and intimacy of our homes


There was a time when we would agree to disagree, and differences of opinion added seasoning and color in conversation. Now, it appears that courts via legislation presumably shall silence or re-educate those of a different viewpoint; and if you don’t comply, the consequences can be insufferable. I don’t think that approach bodes well for humanity nor is it good for the soul.


The Democratic party model is unfruitful and has placed us and our children in harm’s way. Crime is

rampant, our choices eroded, the Legislature is creating unnecessary laws at breakneck speed at our

expense, and I don’t see it ending without a meaningful change in representation. Unbridled law making

based on a failed party ideology is not democracy.


To restore balance to the democratic process, please vote for me whom shall, using discretion,

support laws endorsing freedoms to manage our lives again, unencumbered AND repeal the laws that don’t.

More ‘no’ dovetailed with mercy, grace and diplomacy are in order.


I hope to represent you in the Colorado State Legislature. I envision more harmony in our community and less division.


I’d like to hear from you and the expectation you have from your future Senator; please feel free to

contact me at [email protected].


Endorsed by the Colorado Oil & Gas Association, the Colorado Women's Alliance, and Stand for Health Freedom


Colorado Oil and Gas Association   Colorado Women's Alliance




District 22 Map for 2022

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